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I am an Associate of AGRA, the Association for Genealogists and Researchers in Archives. This means I have undertaken to abide by a professional Code of Practice which puts your interests first. You can read the details of that Code here.

About me


For more than ten years I worked as the BBC's Obituary Editor. I spent my time delving into the lives of some of the most famous people on the planet, and telling their stories. In a long career as a BBC journalist, I was always aware of the importance of rigorous research and careful checking of sources.

So it was perhaps natural that, away from the broadcasting studio, I developed a fascination for genealogy and family history. Like many professional genealogists, it began with a desire to trace my own roots. I began with a one name study of my own surname which took me back to the 1550s. I later broadened this out to take in the many hundreds of people who had married into my family over the centuries.

I began taking on commissions from friends and family who, like so many other people I know, were keen to find out where they had come from, but lacked either the time, or the knowledge, to do it for themselves.

I wanted to learn more so I took courses leading to formal qualifications in genealogy. Over the last two decades I have built up a substantial knowledge of the sometimes frustrating but always rewarding task of helping people discover where they have come from, and unearthing some fascinating stories along the way. 

Why not get in touch . I  hope very much I will be able to guide you back to meet your ancestors and the world in which they lived. Maybe we will find some surprises along the way.


"Only a genealogist thinks a step backwards is progress"
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