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My services are tailored to your exact requirements so I don't offer packages. I charge £25 an hour for any time spent on your research including any analysis and report writing that is required as well as any time I spent communicating with you. 

I charge the same flat rate for travelling time if I need to visit archives or record offices. I will also charge any parking fees or rail fares at cost.

Once you agree to commission my services, we will agree what work needs to be done, and how long it might take. I will give you a full report at the end of that period and not incur any further expense without your permission. Full details of my Terms & Conditions are here.

I also offer the facility to photograph headstones for those who cannot make the journey to the burial place.

I am available to give talks to organisations, large or small, about any aspect of family history, including giving people an idea as to how they can start researching their own ancestors. Please do get in touch for further details

A bespoke service

A bespoke service

Important caveat

Until I embark upon a programme of research, it is impossible to say what the results will be. 

Sometimes obtaining the information is quite straightforward and it is possible to go back several generations in a relatively short period of time. 

However there can often be circumstances where hours of research throw up very little, perhaps because documents no longer exist, whole streets are missing from census records or, sometimes, because ancestors just choose to disappear, something that was much easier before our electronic age. 


Please bear in mind that you are paying for my time regardless of whether I am able to obtain the information you are looking for. 


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